Because she’s inspired by her community to break down barriers.

在短短几年内, 洛伊米·佩拉尔塔·克鲁兹, 福克斯的22, went from not speaking the English language to receiving a business degree 和 starting a career in tech. Since graduation, she’s committed to helping members of the Latinx community follow in her footsteps.  




“I found people like me there, people from other countries 和 other transfer students. It was a big factor in helping me find a sense of community.”

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In 2014, Peralta Cruz moved with her family from Puerto Plata, 多米尼加共和国的一个小城市, 到切尔滕纳姆, 宾西法尼亚, 费城郊外的一个郊区. She was 18 和 didn’t know a word of English—but she was determined to make a name for herself.  

After starting English classes at Montgomery County Community College, she learned the college has a transfer partnership with Temple’s Fox School of Business 和 set her sights on attending. “I come from a family that owns businesses, my father owns corner stores in the 费城 area,克鲁兹说. “So, underst和ing how business works has always been a big part of my day-to-day life growing up.” 

Peralta Cruz earned her associates degree 和 transferred to Temple in 2019 as a commuting student. 尽管这种转变“势不可挡”,” she quickly connected with professors 和 student organizations that helped her find her footing. 


类等 商务沟通 和 风险管理 exposed her to different sides of business education, 和 networking 和 professional 研讨会 strengthened her confidence 和 business acumen. She joined Temple’s chapter of the Association of Latino 专业s For America (ALPFA), which had a positive impact on her career readiness as well. In just two years, she graduated with a bachelor’s degree. 

“Something that really stood out for me at Fox is that the 教师 underst和s that students might be working, 和 there is a lot of flexibility within the class schedule,克鲁兹说. “That was really helpful for me because I was always working!” 

One of Cruz’s revelations at Fox was underst和ing that harnessing a variety of technology can help businesses run more efficiently. She’s been able to apply that knowledge at her first job as a technology architect analyst at Accenture, 费城的一家IT公司. She’s part of a team that delivers technology innovation to clients, like transferring large amounts of physical data to the cloud. She enjoys the work 和 the perspective it provides on just how connected businesses are to the functions of society. 


She’s also deeply involved with the 费城 ALPFA chapter 和 counts its president, Elvita醌类, 福克斯的前顾问, 作为她最支持的导师之一. Cruz is now part of the executive board 和 says that it is important for her to give back by helping younger women, Latinx people 和 others from underrepresented communities make connections in the business world. 

“If I can help one person, one younger Loymi, get through what I went through, I’m happy,” she said. “I just want to be able to help others to achieve what I have achieved.” 


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